Free Cities of Azu’Ren

Government: Conquested by Iron Empire, Ruled by Elected Council of Mages

Capital: Azu’Ren
Leader(s): Council of the Free Folk, lead by High Councillor Morhazar

Major Race(s): Dragonborn (Silver), Elf (Iron), Human, Dwarf, Gnome and Halfling (Any).


A Folk of Many Faces. The magic blessed and inventive people of the Free Cities of Azu’Ren aren’t made of only one race, but of an alliance of diverse spellcasters and their followers who founded the city, which later became a city-state and then a full-fledged state, annexing nearby cities and villages via diplomacy or trade.

Founded with Silver. The many races of the free volk became a state through the leaderance of one of their iconic Mages, an Silver Dragon known as Eraqrin, the Humble. Living among his people as an humanoid, the Dragon soon gained the affection of all, eventually ascending to the position of leader. He defended the philosophy that each creature, no matter how evil, may be brought to the path of good. Guiding his people across the Silver Sea, named after him, he helped found and estabilish the Free Cities of Azu’Ren, until disappearing during the Iron Invasion.

Taken with Iron. Possessing high amount of magic technology, the Free Cities of Azu’Ren eventually became a target to the warmongering race to the north called “Iron Elfs” known to be unable to wield magic. In the following years, the Iron Empire conquested most of the political terrain controlled by them, almost eliminating the diplomatic and magic people. However, the elves themselves been unable to manipulate the essence of magic, the remaining lands and cities of the state were annexed as a “Puppet State”, suffering now under the iron elven grasp.

Monuments of Magic. Serving as a node of magic, the Free Cities have constructed diverse giant transparent crystal-like obelisk monuments, which fuel both the magic and the contraptions of these people, resulting in heavy magic presence in the life of even the simplest of man.

Council of the Free Folk. Lead by an elected amount of leaders, one representing every major race of the state, only mage or similar spell weavers have ever been elected, although the election is not restricted. After the event known as the Iron Invasion, the Free Volk has managed to maintain this tradition, keeping two permanent Iron Elf as High Councillors to represent the Empire. Although been able to completely ignore the Council decisions, the Empire chooses to maintain it, fearing even more civil revolts as there already are.

Free Cities of Azu’Ren

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